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ultraedit(文本编辑器)V24.0.0.72 中文特别版ultraedit 破解版


  • 软件大小:43.7 MB
  • 更新时间:2017-04-09
  • 软件授权:免费软件
  • 软件类型:特别软件
  • 软件类别:编辑工具
  • 语言:简体中文
  • 平台:WinXP,Win7,Win8.1
  • 平台检测:
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UltraEdit是一套功能超级强大的文本编辑器,是能够满足你一切编辑需要的编辑器。可以编辑文本、十六进制、ASCII 码,可以取代记事本,内建英文单字检查、C++ 及 VB 指令突显,可同时编辑多个文件,而且即使开启很大的文件速度也不会慢。软件附有 HTML 标签颜色显示、搜寻替换以及无限制的还原功能,一般大家喜欢用其来修改EXE 或 DLL 文件。能够满足你一切编辑需要的编辑器。


- 基于网友的思路折腾,直捣黄龙,完美破解新版!

- 暴力破解,免激活,无需许可证密钥、无使用期限

- 启动为已离线激活版!删自动升级、多余生成文件


-100,000 单词拼写检查器
-句法高亮显示-可配置,为 C/C++, VB, HTML 和 Java预配置
-UltraEdit 兼容 Windows 3.x CUA
-查找和替换——按下 shift 键后,允许选择插入符和查找目标之间的文本,可替换选定区域内的所有内容
-显示器和打印机字体选择。(支持所有安装的字体,包括 TRUE-TYPE 字体)
-UltraEdit 在每次使用时均保持其屏幕位置
-DOS 到 UNIX 转换
-自动检测 UNIX/MAC 文件
-自动换行模式转换到CR/LF's 允许用硬回车将自动换行写入文件
-CR/LF's 转换到自动换行(从文件删除 CR/LF's)
此外:UltraEdit 接受命令行输入,可以用于替换 NOTEPAD 或其它编辑器,这些编辑器通过单击文件从文件管理器调用。







许可证ID和密码都填写上面窗口中你输入的数字 ,然后将用号码1和用号码2输入key.exe,然后点击Generate按钮生成验证密匙,将生成的这两个验证密匙依次输入注册窗口中的验证码1和验证码2,然后点击激活即可!


IDM UltraEdit 24.0 更新日志

Native Unicode rewrite / refactoring of code for greatly improved handling and detection

Better rendering of non-Latin text in various Unicode formats

Better handling of Unicode file paths in title bar, file tabs, open file list, etc.

Resolved all issues related to opening files with Unicode characters

Greatly improved detection of (non-Unicode) code pages

Improved detection of UTF-8 string declaration

Automatic font / script substitution for non-Roman and OEM character sets

New “Encoding” settings under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Encoding

Ability to set fallback encoding / code page when auto-detection cannot determine

New prompt to convert ANSI file to UTF-8 when pasting Unicode/UTF-8 content

Support for using Unicode with “^c” and “^s” variables in macros/scripts

Added option to handle tool output as Unicode (in “Output” tab of tool settings)

Proper and full rendering in menus, dialogs, etc. for all language versions, regardless of OS language

Addressed multi-caret issues when inserting Asian / multi-byte characters

Addressed caret “jumping” issues in UTF-8 files

Addressed issues related to opening and saving UTF-8 files via FTP

Addressed issues related to word wrap with multi-byte characters / Asian scripts

Addressed caret positioning issues with Asian characters in Unicode / UTF-8 files

Countless other Unicode / UTF-8 improvements and adjustments

Full Unicode support for / in:

Macros and scripts

Function list

Tag list

Output window


Key mapping

Open address and search toolbars


Insert column

GUI to easily browse, add, and remove syntax highlighting languages

Access from Coding tab or Advanced » Settings » Editor display » Syntax highlighting

Check languages to add them, uncheck to remove them

Search / filter for languages

Reset syntax highlighting back to factory defaults

Find / replace enhancements

Optionally leave replace dialog open when doing step-by-step replace

Added ability to scroll find / replace histories with mouse wheel

Added support for Perl regexp buffer boundaries (\A, \z, etc.)

Added unobtrusive notification when search wraps to other end of file

Find / replace “In” setting now defaults to selected text only if 2 or more lines selected

Search in column now supports column number up to 20,000

Improved performance with many filtered lines (Show / hide lines)

Addressed many Perl regexp issues

Addressed “Count all” issue with Unicode characters

Addressed issues with slim replace dialog buttons

Addressed several quick find issues

Find string list enhancements

Find string list scrolls to track active line in edit window

Ability to create new file from find string list contents (context menu)

Highlighting of matches in find string list (toggle in context menu)

Find / replace in files enhancements

Added button to set find / replace in files directory to active file’s directory on the fly

Added notification to status bar when find / replace in files completes

Status bar indicates number of matches / files searched as search progresses

Vastly improved performance and speed when writing results to output window

Find in files now checks each file for BOM and uses BOM-specified encoding for search

Added “Active file” option to encoding drop down (uses active file’s encoding for search)

Added “Auto-detect” option to encoding drop down (will auto-detect each file’s encoding during search)

Better results and display when searching across multiple encodings

Addressed issue with double-clicking on FTP file in find in [open] files results

XML manager enhancements

Added drag-and-drop support to move elements

New “Copy XPath” option for nodes/attributes

Added highlighting of current (edit window) position

Addressed issues with incorrectly reported error positions

Several other issues addressed

Drag and drop images / graphics, or browse to images, to insert them in active HTML document

Drag-and-drop any number of images directly into an HTML based file

For most HTML and web files, <img> links will be automatically inserted

For CSS files, the URL to the image will be inserted as a background-image property

Modify the HTML / CSS formats for inserted images in Settings » Editor » Image drag-and-drop

Hold Ctrl while dragging-and-dropping to modify the format on the fly

Select and open multiple files at once from Recently opened / closed files menu

New option “Open all”

Hold Ctrl and click files to select multiple at once

Click “Open selected” to open all checked items

“Join line(s)” feature (Edit tab)

Option to preserve leading spaces in Advanced » Settings » Editor » Advanced

Compare in UC Pro externally detected changes from file change detection prompt

New context menu for “Lists” tab in file view:

Add folders/files

Show names only

Rename file

Remove file from list

“Close all files to left / right” in file tab context menu (with key mapping support)

“Add to [Favorite / Project] Files” options on file tab / file view context menu

Drag-and-drop file tabs to file view “Project” and “Lists” tab to add to projects and lists

New option to use classic theme for printing (“Page setup” dialog)

User tools and default associated shortcuts now begin with “1” instead of “0”

Standardized capitalization of text (sentence case) in menus and UI

New /LanguageMarker flag for wordfiles for expanded shebang line recognition

New option to disable automatic hex mode for files containing nulls (hex 00) in Advanced » Settings » Editor » Hex mode

“Defaults” button in sort settings dialog

“Delete selected lines” now deletes complete line even if not completely selected

Paste into multiple selected columns while in column mode now pastes into all columns

Full customization support for edit window and file tab context menus

Improved performance and data handling with shared FTP accounts

Optimized file change detection to avoid pause when checking for changes in all open files

Support for OpenSSH 7.0+ (SSH console)

Addressed issues related to FTP-linked project folder

Addressed several issues when default ANSI encoding set to non-Latin code page

UltraEdit v23.20 Changes

- Brace auto-completion

* Brace pairs defined in wordfile are auto-closed when opening brace is typed

* If no braces in wordfile, or if file is not syntax highlighted, “()”, “{}”, and “[]” are used as defaults

* Pressing Enter will reposition close brace on separate line while maintaining proper indent levels

* Pressing Backspace immediately following auto-completion will remove both opening and closing brace

* Typing close brace skips over auto-completed close brace without inserting second brace

* Can be disabled for non-highlighted (plain text) files

* Can be disabled for comments and strings

- String auto-completion

* Can be disabled for non-highlighted (plain text) files

* Can be disabled for comments

- Lightning fast file sorting

* Sort large files in a fraction of the time of previous versions

* More efficient memory management when sorting

* More reliable sort; many issues addressed

* Removed (now obsolete) alternate sort method

- Near instantaneous file loading

* Improved performance for normal file open, drag-and-drop, project reloading, etc.

* Makes startup exponentially quicker when reloading multiple files

- Traditional menu option for legacy menu key accelerator support

* Right-click on ribbon and select Toolbar/Menu mode > Traditional menus

* Restored traditional toolbars for this mode

- New syntax highlighting for:

* DOS batch files

* Unix shell scripts

* PowerShell scripts

* Wordfiles

- New UC Lite with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

- Set open address and search bar widths in Settings > Toolbars/Menus > Miscellaneous





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ultraedit(文本编辑器)V24.0.0.72 中文特别版

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